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NEW JOKER's Versatility

Equipment for horizontal and vertical cleaning from the Steamate company that uses an innovative cleaning system, patented and named TAS -(Thermal Atomization System).

In addition to disinfection, it can be used with very high efficiency in removing chewing gum, graffiti, grease, oils, glues, pen marks, deep cleaning and sanitizing of toys, tables, chairs, bathrooms, refrigeration chambers, and countless other places and situations.

Using 4 pillars of cleaning that are Time, Temperature, Chemistry and Mechanical Action, the New Joker equipment from Steamate managed to unify these 4 concepts in one providing better results with maximum efficiency in MDO.

Quiet and light equipment with surprising detergent performance. For continuous work of, for example, one hour only 200 milliliters of chemical product will be used. It does not have a water boiler and thus we eliminate dangerous situations of refilling water in the hot boiler. Made of stainless material, screws and nuts in stainless steel we provide equipment durability avoiding rust. Armored resistance with ceramic thermostats and thermal fuse guarantee perfect operation of hot parts.

STEAMATE NEW JOKER will be perfect equipment for your business ensuring professional disinfection and cleaning at a very high level.

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