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New Joker maquina para desinfecção

Technical Data:


Voltage: 220V / 60Hz

Power: 2000W

Current:  9 A

Pressure:  3 BAR

Noise level: < 70 db (average 60 db)

Autonomy: Continues

Flow: 1 milliliter per second

Detergent tank: 2 liters

Liquid level alert: sound and light

Warm-up time: 2 minutes

Temperature at the outlet tip: 90°C

Steam hose: 3 meters

Height: 59cm

Width: 30cm

Length: 46cm

Weight: 14kg

1 meter boom: (cleaning kit only)

Trolley with telescopic handle with wheels

Where to use New Joker equipment:

* disinfection

* gum removal

* graffiti removal

* Removal of glues and pen marks

* general cleaning and heavy cleaning

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